3 Ways you can save the bees this Earth Day

Earth Day is a global movement that continues to grow with passion and dedication towards protecting our environment. Earth Day is approaching its 49th year and we’re here to help bring awareness on how you can make a difference in protecting our planet.

This year’s theme is focused on protecting our species, and while there are many in which to draw attention, when it comes to beautiful vineyards and fresh produce at the local Farmer’s Markets in Nova Scotia, we feel the bees are worth the nod in protection.

Our beautiful planet is filled with an array of textures and colours when it comes to flora, from flowers and fruit to grain crops and nuts. These plant species rely on bee pollination, however, the bee species is endangered. We wouldn’t have the beautiful plants or the food we consume daily if it weren’t for bees.

This Earth Day, join us in protecting bees, it’s easy to do, and here are some tips to help you do so.


Plant a bee-friendly garden

According to Earth Day Network, “plants need bees to pollinate, making bees indispensable pollinators of most ecosystems,” which means now is the time to start digging deep and utilizing nature’s rich soil. 90% of flowering plant species depend on bee pollination. Lilacs, sunflowers and snapdragons are a few bee-friendly flowers you can plant. Click here to view a larger list of flowers that are bee-dependent. Planting a garden is a great solution to help bees flourish our environment.


Create a DIY bee watering station


We all know the importance of staying hydrated, especially during the hot summer months. Humans aren’t the only ones that have to stay on a regular drinking schedule, bees do too. Summer is the busiest time of year for bees as they buzz around collecting pollen, pollinating our fruits and veggies, and making honey. You can help ensure bees are well hydrated by creating a watering station, not only will it add charm to your backyard oasis, it will nurture our pollinators. You can find an easy DIY watering station here.


Go organic

The rising trend of living an organic lifestyle has a variety of benefits not only to people, but also to other species. Essentially, crops only need pollination to grow and be healthy for human consumption, this means we need bees to help produce edible crops. Pesticides and GMOs are harmful to the bee species. By eliminating the use of chemicals on crops, we eliminate a threat to bees. By simply shopping for organic foods, you are impacting the future of bees for the better.

Take time to visit your local farmers’ market, or perhaps stroll through the health food section of your nearby grocery store and purchase organic products.

You can reference these ideas not only on Earth Day, but throughout the year as well. We hope at least one of these items will be incorporated into your “save the earth” routine. You can find out more on Earth Day 2019 by visiting their website here.

Earth Day is important to Forest Lakes as we have a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Want to learn more about how we protect our planet? Visit forestlakes.ca to learn more.