Proudly made in Nova Scotia. Own a piece of it.

Described by the World Property Journal as ‘Atlantic Canada’s most exciting new development,’ Forest Lakes Country Club is fast becoming recognized as a premium residential resort community in the making.

Unlike any other in the Maritimes, the development features the only Nicklaus Design golf course in the region, the firm founded by Jack Nicklaus, world golfing legend.

Set in a beautiful 1,700+ acre site boasting pristine lakes and woodlands, Forest Lakes is currently under development and will offer a magical blend of unspoiled surroundings, first-class amenities and a quality resort community for every conceivable lifestyle.

Terra Firma Development Corporation (TFDC) have already made substantial progress to date and this summer promises to be an excellent time as major projects such as construction of the Nicklaus Design course and additional roads gets underway.

Value-adding factors such as this not only will allow Forest Lakes to begin preparing home sites, but it will also add value to the resort which until now has been described as being ‘more affordable than was imagined.’

There has never been a better time than now to get involved. According to the Golf Research Group, the value of real estate situated on a Nicklaus Golf course is on average 80 per cent more valuable than the top nine top golf designers in the world.

Subsequently, and for a limited time, Nova Scotians have the opportunity to pre-buy lots from just $93,000 with a special price offer on the first 20 lots as part of the Forest Lakes “Lot Ambassador Program.”

“As with all premium resorts, people who buy early stand to reap the greatest return; timing is everything,” said Richard Reese, Vice President of TFDC. “Experienced property investors know that the values of the lots will increase considerably as the resort continues to be developed and as the golf course starts construction this year. For lot buyers, this opens up a number of possibilities… buy and hold, build or resell for gains.”

Given Reese’s experience of building more than 9,000 properties worth in excess of $3 billion over the last 25 years, his understanding is key.

It is looking pretty good for the local economy, with more than $36 billion of development currently underway in Nova Scotia. This includes huge industrial projects, offshore oil and gas exploration and renewable energy.

According to statistics, this should pave the way to a very prosperous future for the province, supporting both population and income growth, which is good news for real estate, because property prices climb when demand increases.

The situation resembles Newfoundland 10 years ago. Fast-forward to 2015 and we all know the results that this investment has seen.

Could it now be Halifax’s turn? The city looks poised to take off with the biggest naval shipbuilding program on the planet starting this summer after nearly three years of preparation work.

Add to this the numerous other projects – Shell and BP each plan to spend $1 billion next year – and it’s reasonable to forecast that Halifax will follow in the footsteps of St John’s. Could now be the time to invest?

Mr. Reese continues: “With winter long behind us, the Forest Lakes team are already hard at work for the season. We are “green light go” and construction crews are working on the new condominium complex, boathouse and dock area, the golf course and preparing lots.”

Pre-buy your lot now and decide on your perfect home later. Choose the perfect lot location for you. Will it be in a quiet cul-de-sac? South-facing? Extra private area surrounded by mature trees? In the heart of the neighbourhood?

Combine these options with the limited special pricing offer and these lots will never be better priced. Taking advantage of the pre-buy lot offer allows you to lock in today’s price and benefit from tomorrow’s developments.