Getting your home back-to-school ready

It’s that time of year where summer is quickly drawing a close and the buzz of back to school is kicking in. Families transition from having sandy toes and enjoying nightly bonfires to packing lunches and school drop offs. Your home gets turned a practical living space featuring daily routines of getting your loved ones off to school. We understand this transition can be a daunting task no matter what grade your child is going into, so we compiled a list of tips and tricks to help prepare your home for back-to-school without all the chaos.

Lunch-prep station

While preparing lunches and making after school snacks, the kitchen usually becomes a disaster zone. Having your fridge and pantry organized with designated sections for lunch snacks, or little compartments labeled with items such as granola bars, is a quick hack that will save time during those busy school nights and mornings. You can also designate a cabinet for after school snacks, and store cut vegetables in little containers in the fridge, which will also be easy go-to spots for children without making any mess. Check out our favourite DIY lunch-prep station here:

Organize your mudroom

The flow of traffic in the mornings as well as after school can become chaotic as backpacks and sneakers are thrown and jackets pile up on the floor. Assigning hooks or installing cubbies for each family member is a simple way to implement organization in your daily routine. Hooks can be used for backpacks and coats and cubbies can keep footwear neatly stored, resulting in a tidy entry space.

(Mudroom featured in the Chester home at Forest Lakes)

Set up a family command center

This central area can be a wall designated for communication, scheduling and planning ahead. Once school is in full swing, the after-school homework and extracurricular activities begin, creating a major need for a family calendar in order to stay organized. This is the time when papers and forms that need parent signatures begin to roll in. Having hanging file folders is the perfect solution to ensure they’re signed and returned to school on time. This area is also ideal to write down shopping lists and pre-plan meals. Essentially, this is the hub for family organization. Here is an example of our favourite DIY calendar:

Create a work zone

Creating a specific space to do homework will help kids focus without becoming distracted. For younger children, the space should be semi-private so parents can keep an eye on their kids to ensure they’re staying on task. A handy organizational feature that can be used for this space is a homework caddy, where school supplies can be neatly organized in one container. This way, kids won’t waste time trying to track down the supplies they need to complete their homework.

Organize closets

Now is the time to start swapping out summer clothes for the upcoming fall wardrobe. During the school year, it is great to get into the routine of picking out your child’s outfits the night before. Have them help plan their outfits, as this will save time in the morning and eliminate those morning battles of getting dressed and your child not wanting to wear what you picked out for them.

The start of the new school year brings families back into a sense of normality and routine. This is the time to organize essential spaces in your home that boost productivity and allow your kids to thrive in an organized environment. Children grow up fast, but having an organized space will allow you to take the extra time you have in the day and enjoy it with your kids. Using these tips will ensure your home is back-to-school ready.