Getting Outside and Enjoying Nature

Sometimes we take the beauties of nature for granted, forgetting all of the wonderful things that can be done and enjoyed in the simplicity of the great outdoors. From foraging through the lush greens of the forest, to floating on sparkling waters, nature offers serenity and adventure for everyone. Fortunately, Forest Lakes knows all about embracing the joys of nature no matter the season.

If you are looking for ways to disconnect from the virtual world and reconnect with nature, here are just a few outdoor activities that allow you to embrace the natural beauty of our planet during all four seasons.

Ride a Bicycle

What better way is there to get exercise and explore the outdoors than by bicycle? Riding a bike is a great activity to do, whether you are riding a bike to get from point A to point B or simply out to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. This is a perfect activity to partake in all year round with the use of appropriate bicycles to endure a range of terrains and seasons.

Did you know Forest Lakes has a multi-purpose trail network? This is a great opportunity to enjoy a bike ride while taking the breathtaking views of nature here in Nova Scotia, with different trail difficulties, each ride can be new and exciting.



Are you competitive by nature or are looking to play a fun game against some friendly competition? Then golf is the activity for you. Surrounded by the vibrant greens and charming views of forests, golfing is superb activity to partake in while absorbing the fresh outdoors.

Forest Lakes will be offering an 18 hole Nicklaus Design golf course, the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada. The golf course is a parkland styled course, and offers five different types of teeing areas that range from 5,033 yards to 7,460 yards. This provides opportunities for all golfers of different skill levels. The golf course will be ready for VIP play on the back 9 by the 2019 season. Golfing presents the perfect atmosphere to be active in nature.



Are you looking for an athletic challenge or simply wanting to take a stroll in the fresh air? No matter the reason, hiking is a great way to relish in the environment. Being engulfed in the views and sounds of nature is the perfect reward for achieving some activity. As mentioned above, Forest Lakes provides an intriguing multi-purpose trail network, which is suitable for all skill levels, whether you are looking for a beginner’s level route or an advanced option. Either way the scenery is compelling to absorb while engaging in a hike. Hiking is a must do any time of the year.

Horseback Riding

Jumping fences, or wandering through lush trails, horses are the perfect companion to explore the wilderness with. If you are looking for a tranquil experience or an adrenaline rush, horseback riding can provide opportunities for both. Looking to setoff on a quest through open fields, or winding trails, these animals can take you there. They also provide the most joyous experience if you are looking to go swimming while out for a ride. Forest Lakes has future plans to develop an exquisite equestrian centre, the environment will provide the utmost luxury to your loyal companions. No matter the season, horseback riding can be enjoyed year round.


Glistening waters while rays of sun beam down is definitely the most ideal surrounding for a peaceful environment. Enjoy floating on gentil riptides while venturing around lakes big or small. Canoeing is the perfect activity to enjoy during the warmer months. Being surrounded by nature’s sounds of fish splashing, and views of vibrant vegetation allows for deep appreciation of the wilderness. Forest Lakes has a Boathouse which is the hub for lake activities. Enjoy paddling around Cochran Lake while creating everlasting memories.

Canoeing isn’t for you? The options are endless, next time you plan on visiting a lake why not try kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, or even just relaxing lakeside while reading a new book.


Want to to participate in the world’s largest outdoors treasure hunt? Of course you do! What better way is there to explore the wilderness than to be on an exciting journey to discover unique and compelling prizes? This activity gets you engaged with nature in a fun and recreational way. If you haven’t participated in geocaching before, you will definitely want to try it now.

Forest Lakes is happy to embrace an active living lifestyle, as we either currently offer or will be offering all of these activities that you can enjoy outside in the beautiful surroundings of nature.  Visit us today to learn more about our growing community and how you can begin enjoying nature at your doorstep.