Forest Lakes welcomes a new generation of homeowners

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72 per cent of Millennials expected to purchase homes by 2036

By 2036, the number of Millennial households in Canada is expected to more than triple, reaching between 5.5 and 7 million, a huge increase from the 1.7 million in 2011. Millennials actually represent almost 30 per cent of the total population, according to Statistics Canada, making them the largest living adult generation since the Baby Boomers. What is really interesting about this vibrant and highly engaged group, is a growing number of them are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with life in urban environments. Millennials, like most people, want to find a place to call home where they can decompress, balance their incredibly hectic work and home lifestyles, while still adhering to their strong sense of environmental sustainability and community values. Forest Lakes Country Club ticks all of the important boxes for this younger generation.

According to the long-term Household Growth Projections for the Millennial Generation, the number of couples with children will reach 29 per cent of all Millennial households by 2036, about double from 2016, making them the most common type of Millennial generation household. The report also predicts that 72 per cent of Millennial households will own their own homes by 2036, an estimated 60 per cent of which will be single-detached houses.

The Millennial generation is known to be incredibly creative and more likely to branch out as entrepreneurs who place significant value on good corporate citizenship, environmental sustainability in all areas of life and volunteerism and charity at home and abroad, all values that resonate with Terra Firma Development Corporation, the developers of Forest Lakes. As a member of the Canada Green Building Council, Terra Firma continues to promote the advancement of energy and water-efficiency and building practices that ensure the resort-style residential community retains the stunning natural resources and beauty of this incredible 1,700-acre development.

For Millennials, Forest Lakes offers many benefits. It’s centrally located between the city of Halifax and more than 18 award-winning wineries and respected craft breweries. It’s a short drive to the Halifax Stanfield International Airport and in close proximity to a lively arts scene that includes world-renowned music and theatre and some of the best culinary experiences in Canada.

Like almost every province in Canada, Nova Scotia is currently seeing the highest number of new immigrants in the past 80 years, many of which are Millennials. Close to 25 per cent of the population is made up of immigrants looking to call the province home, according to a 2017 Environics Analytics report. This growing trend is creating an incredible community of diverse cultures in all areas, an issue that is very important to Millennials. When you factor in that Millennials are one of the most educated generations and are experiencing consistent growth in income and status, this generation is set to become our country’s most powerful workforce and consumers of the future.

Currently, Nova Scotia is ranked by Point2Homes as Canada’s fourth “hotspot” to live for Millennials. Condé Nast ranks Halifax as one of the top 13 friendliest cities in the world, and in 2018, Trip Advisor ranked Nova Scotia among the top 10 “destinations on the rise.”

“Forest Lakes is an up-and-coming community that offers young professionals and families an incredible opportunity to experience the best that our province has to offer,” says Kathryn Parsons, sales and marketing strategist. “What makes Forest Lakes stand out from other communities is not only our commitment to environmental sustainability, but also providing residents with luxury living, both in and outside of their homes. This truly makes us one of the most unique and desirable developments in the province.”

For young families looking to raise their children in a safe and friendly environment, nothing beats the natural beauty of Forest Lakes. “It is our mission to provide a place for residents to get outside and be active,” says Parsons. “We have many community amenities like a boathouse on Cochran Lake, year-round hiking trails and plans for tennis courts, a family entertainment centre, and an equestrian centre. Those are just a few examples of Forest Lakes’ future plans.”

Forest Lakes is also home to the first 18-hole Nicklaus Design golf course in Atlantic Canada. According to the National Golf Foundation, Millennials are on track to overtake all other age demographics as the largest market share in golf.

“Research shows that Millennials are looking for a golfing experience that is more than just the traditional 18-holes. They want a well-rounded experience that includes play, food and drinks and music and community, which is everything we can offer at Forest Lakes,” says Parsons.  With an ultramodern club house in the plans, a thriving community and an entertainment centre and dining options, Millennials will literally have access to everything they want in their own backyards.

As the course nears completion in 2021, it is set to become one of the best golf experiences this region has ever had, which also makes the homes in the community an excellent investment opportunity, especially for young families looking to build equity.

A variety of home options are available turnkey or to build and customize. Contributed
A variety of home options are available turnkey or to build and customize. Contributed

“Right now, we are able to offer an amazing opportunity to get in on what is essentially the ground floor of a proven investment opportunity. Homes in Nicklaus developments achieve both a 32 per cent price premium and a 15 per cent faster sales velocity than the averages achieved by the other top golf course architects in the world,” explains Parsons. “Because of this, once the course is complete, the purchase price for homes and lots will increase.”

Millennials, more than any other generation before them, have been shaped by technology. One of the benefits of the custom-built homes in Forest Lakes is that they can come complete with data, voice and cable-ready wiring. “We offer upgrades and optional features, such as intrusion detection, remote monitoring and motion sensors through our building partners,” says Parsons. Other available upgrades include things like an LCD keypad with multi-function capability for lighting, sound and security. Homes can also be wired both indoors and outdoors for music and communication, creating an exceptional entertainment experience.

For Millennials, Forest Lakes offers a truly unique lifestyle. “Millennials tend to think outside the box and as a generation, they are looking to bring social, environmental and corporate responsibility to the table, something we also strive for in everything we do as a community. Together, I think we are the perfect fit,” says Parsons.

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