Forest Lakes presents: The Top Five Reasons to Live Outside The City Centre

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As featured in The Chronicle Herald.

Forest Lakes Country Club is not merely a residential development outside of the city. It is a four-season resort located in one of the most beautiful parts of world – Nova Scotia. It’s a place to make a home, to raise a family and to relax. Here, you can enjoy living among the sound of lapping waters and birdsongs. You can ice skate on the lake or sit by the fireside in the winter and stroll through the budding greenery in the spring. It’s where autumn will be filled with the aroma of wood smoke and crisp breezes as you snuggle in and watch the richly coloured leaves fall outside of your window.

Forest Lakes is not just a place to live – it’s a place to live well. After all, there are many reasons why living outside of the city is a great choice. Here’s a few…

1) There is space – and lots of it.

Forest Lakes is set in a spectacular 1,700+acre site, surrounded by the beauty of rural Ardoise. This means that views are treed to the horizon and the sky just seems “bigger” somehow. Everywhere you turn there are open green spaces and kilometres of walking trails. Streets are wide, the lake is long. Homes, whether semi, townhome, condo or detached, are open and airy. Lots are generous. Privacy and tranquility can take a front seat here. It’s a place where you can stretch your body and your soul, look up at night and see the stars, let your kids run and play, walk the dog for miles through the woods. Kick a ball. Chase fireflies. Embrace the space – fill it, breathe it in.

2) Physical Benefits
From horseback riding to swimming in the aquatic center or in the lake. Laser tag or bowling in the Family Entertainment Centre. Paddle boarding. Ice skating, sledding, cross country skiing, hiking, walking. Oh, and of course, golf! All while you breathe in the clean country air. And to eat? How about stocking up produce grown down the road at the local Farmers’ Market? Physical activity will no longer mean a forced visit to a run-of-the-mill gym. Exercise and healthy eating will easily become a part of your lifestyle at Forest Lakes. After all, here you can match your activities (and palate) with the season!

3) Your Mind Will Thank You
Nature provides us with both physical and mental restoration. Even watching nature from a window can have a positive effect on your mood, stress levels and your social well-being. Interaction with the environment – the sights, smells and sounds of the great outdoors, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city – has proven to be beneficial to restoring your outlook and assisting with coping when you do have to face that busy day at the office. Living at Forest Lakes is stress reduction wrapped up in a country lifestyle. Need a little extra relaxation? Pay a visit to the community’s spa – have a facial or a massage. Take a sauna or partake in a number of personalized well-being treatments. You deserve it!

4) Be Part of a Community
Sometimes we never feel as alone as when we are in a crowd. Busy cities can be isolating. Forest Lakes has been designed to ensure that it is a community within the larger community of Ardoise, in West Hants – an area that runs from the Minas Basin to Halifax County. Living here means you are part of a district that has less than 15,000 people, but also a culture that has sprung from early settlers – from the Mi’kmaq to the Acadians, the Loyalists from New England and Irish Immigrants, the history of the area is rich. People are welcoming and smiles are freely shared.

There are no gates, no walls and no boundaries between Forest Lakes and the rest of the surrounding community. Intentionally, the designers planned Forest Lakes to be part of the existing community. Living here means embracing the larger community – and all the beauty and fun that entails.

5) Live the Best of Both Worlds!
Living in Forest Lakes means being surrounded by nature. Birds, foxes, rabbits, deer…expect to see all of these as well as other woodland friends on your walks. Enjoy a good old fashioned corn boil, or hear only the crunch of the snow as you take a winter walk under all those stars you can’t see in the city. Sounds like a dream, right? Now what if you were told that all of this is just 30 minutes outside of Halifax? Only a half-hour commute gets you out the city or to the city whenever you like – or to the international airport. With its unspoiled surroundings, Forest Lakes residents have a country haven in which to live – but with its first-class amenities and a quick jaunt to the city, it allows you to do what so many find enviable – you can live in both worlds.