Committed to Environmental Sustainability

Earth Day is an empowering movement globally. On April 22, 2018, we mark the 48th anniversary of this rising celebration. Earth Day Network has stated, “more than 1 billion people in 192 countries now take part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world”. Forest Lakes is proud to be part of this celebration and has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

The theme for this upcoming Earth Day is focused on ending plastic pollution. This is where reusing resources and recycling comes into play.

Are you looking for ways to partake in Earth Day 2018? The list compiled below has five suggestions for you to get involved in Earth Day 2018, where you can celebrate all that nature has to offer.

1. Plant a Garden
Time to dig deep and indulge in nature’s rich soil. Whether it’s planting flowers, fruits, vegetables, or even a tree. You can create the life of something new, healthy, and positive for the environment. Growing a garden is a great way to get involved in sustainability. The elimination of pesticides and reusing materials can all be done in the hub of your backyard.  Currently, at Forest Lakes, there are two resource management stations that are used to recycle organic materials to develop for new uses, such as producing mulch and topsoil from what is normally wasted material removed from development areas.

2. Reduce Driving
Driving is one of the top sources of accelerating pollution. Driving is without a doubt a dominant option of transportation for many worldwide. However, there are always alternatives to reduce the emissions that are discharged into the atmosphere, contaminating earth’s oxygen. Carpooling with others eliminates the use of at least one vehicle, this is definitely a positive alternative. A rising sustainability trend is driving an electric vehicle, as they run on battery rather than fuel. Although the best substitute to vehicles is by riding a bicycle as a mode of transportation, as well as by walking. It is best to endeavour in an environmentally healthy alternative whenever possible, it also adds to your own personal health.

3. Get Outside
Embrace nature’s beauty by taking a stroll in the great outdoors. Disconnect yourself and enjoy all of the charming elements nature produces. Whether it’s listening to the sound of a stream, seeing the colours of the leaves vibrant and fresh, or smelling the fresh air and earth’s soil. Those are all aspects that should not be taken for granted. With over 10 kilometres of multi-purpose trails, Forest Lakes offers the perfect opportunity to connect with nature by engaging in the fresh essence of outdoors. This weekend, take the time to go out and enjoy the wilderness, it’s time to reconnect with nature.  You can download our trail map here:

4. Clean Up Litter
Keeping the environment clean is the best way to preserve the earth. Spending an afternoon by partaking in a small act of cleaning up litter in your community can have a big impact on the environment you live in. Keeping your community tidy can highlight the beauty of the surrounding nature.

5. Buy Local
Supporting local is an increasing trend in today’s society. The environmental benefits of shopping local include, elimination of pesticides, elimination of mass production through industrialism, elimination of transporting products into the community, and an increase in recycling materials. With the act of buying local, you continue to support the farmers and craftsmen to continue to grow, develop, and produce sustainable consumable goods. Forest Lakes has transported thousands of truckloads of recycled materials throughout the development rather than transporting goods in and out, resulting in a decrease of releasing emissions. Forest Lakes partakes in this growing trend by buying local whenever we can. Visit a local farmers market to promote a rise in this sustainable movement.

I am sure you will find an act of environmental sustainability to endure for the upcoming Earth Day celebration. It’s time to get involved to promote better health for both the environment and ourselves. Not only should you undergo one of the above activities solely on Earth Day, these practices should be integrated into everyday lifestyles to encourage healthy living!