Bringing international experts to the table

Driving into Forest Lakes Country Club, you’ll feel the character of its surroundings. Nestled among luscious woodlands, you’ll see spacious lots that soon will have expansive timber-framed homes, cozy cottages, contemporary condominium buildings and everything in between.

Forest Lakes will be more than a “nice place to live,” but rather a unique place to live; unique in everything it will offer, including its location in a preserved, natural setting.

This vision is becoming a reality and it won’t be by happenstance, but by the result of a meticulously-planned development.

The focus will not be to look ‘developed,’ but rather to have it complement the surrounding land — to be built with nature.

Terra Firma Development Corporation, the developer behind Forest Lakes Country Club, has been working closely with a number of international experts to ensure this vision comes to life.

They’ve enlisted the help of world-renowned experts in master planning, energy efficiency, engineering and numerous other development consultants from around the globe.

In combination, their knowledge and experience is helping to create a unique, world-class community that will be second to none.

DTJ Design Inc., located in Boulder, Colorado, is one of these companies. Recognized internationally as a premium design firm, DTJ Design has a 40-year history crafting vibrant residential, resort, golf and mixed-use communities.

They offer planning, architecture and landscape design services to help clients bring their visions to reality and foster innovation and differentiation in the market place.

“We’ve worked with Terra Firma to create this kind of image, this bible, this roadmap of Forest Lakes and we’re taking that roadmap forward and are working with all of the local consultants in a collaborative way to make sure that everything stays on track,” says Rick Volpe, Principal with DTJ Design Inc.

“Forest Lakes will have all of the pieces and parts that a community will have, with the Village Centre, the recreational amenities, the Nicklaus Design golf and the landscape that truly celebrates the topography — they’re all important parts of this,” adds Dave Williams, another Principal with DTJ Design Inc.

Other internationally renowned companies working closely with Terra Firma to help bring Forest Lakes to life are EDSA (Florida), MAI Architects (Texas) and PrecisionCraft® (Idaho), to name a few.

These companies believe in a design approach that not only integrates, but enhances the natural environment — a major cornerstone of Terra Firma’s overall development philosophy.

Along with housing and other infrastructure, these companies will help Terra Firma build a community that brings people back to the great outdoors.