Bring the holidays to your Forest Lakes Country Club home

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As featured in The Chronicle Herald.

It’s easy to find your holiday spirit when you live in a winter wonderland like Forest Lakes Country Club. Remember, this community was developed intentionally to take the best advantage of all seasons, and winter is no exception! The wide streets, cozy lakeside boathouse, beautifully constructed homes, and lush evergreen forests make the community a winter decorator’s dream.

With the trees heavy with snow, the moonlight gleaming off the frozen lake and the fire burning in the hearth it may be hard to compete when it comes to holiday décor, but here are a few ideas from Forest Lakes Country Club decorator, Charlotte Skiba, owner of Charlotte Interiors, an interior decorating and home staging firm based in Halifax, to help inspire you and help turn your home into a welcoming winter haven.

1. Create a holiday colour palette in the kitchen

The kitchens in the homes of Forest Lakes Country Club are spacious and classic, many open to the family living areas. Your holiday décor should not stop when you reach the kitchen, especially as it is a Nova Scotian tradition to gather in this bustling part of the home during social events. There’s no need to clutter up your space with holiday decorations, just keep things simple and elegant by creating a

holiday colour palette with your kitchen staples, such as dish cloths, dishes, fruit bowl, and fruit for even the fruit bowl (like pomegranates). Pop some cookies in the oven and you are ready for any festive fete!

2. Bring the outdoors in

“Spruce” up your home by bringing the outside in. After all, Forest Lakes Country Club has its name for a reason! The plush woods and greenery outside can be great inspiration. Use pine branches mixed with holly branches in a vase for an easy yet festive centerpiece. A Christmas tree will come in and go out during December, but winter décor can last the full season – birch logs, pinecones and pine branches will complement the warm wood and modern fixtures of a Forrest Lakes Country Club home. Use a large floor vase to hold birch logs, add a few pine branches and wrap small twinkle lights around them for a nice glow. Or for smaller logs, put them in a nice wicker basket paired with pinecones, pine branches, and some twinkle lights.

3. Add holiday décor to your front porch

Add a lush leafy wreath to your door and pair it with a great holiday welcome mat and potted green planters on either side of the door to show your guests a beautiful welcome. Hurricane lamps will shine magically against the snow, while large planters or rustic metal buckets can be filled with pinecones, fir branches and red ornaments. If you have lots of space, you can display an old wooden sleigh or hang a set of old fashioned ice skates from the railing to add a whimsical touch.

In this part of the world we are mad for plaid. From the red and green of a Royal Stewart tartan to the traditional Nova Scotian blue and gold (the first provincial tartan in Canada) it is exquisite when paired with dark green boughs. Plaid throws, pillows, Christmas stockings – they all add a touch of time-honoured style to a modern holiday. Or add greenery garland to your staircase, and instead of wrapping it around the baluster, attach it with beautiful plaid ribbon. Nollaig Chridheil! (that’s Merry Christmas in Gaelic).

4. Change up your space to suit the season

Bringing out heavier throws and rugs in the fall is a great way to bring that winter wonderland feel to your home. Swap out one or two of your normal couch toss cushions for a holiday cushion to add magic. During these colder months you want to think about incorporating warmer fabrics and richer colours – and lots of texture! Fur is even a popular decorating option. Whether used as a tree skirt, an area rug or draped over the back of a chair, fur accents make us feel cozy – maybe because it comes from the animals that are found in the woods! And there are many high quality synthetic options available.

Featured in The Chronicle Herald.