A Tale of Four Seasons

Mayflowers and fiddleheads are starting to reach toward the warmth of the sun as the brooks, now freed from ice, begin to babble. Imagine waking up to the sounds of peeping Bobolinks and Robins as you look out your window onto an expanse of budding trees. Imagine living at Forest Lakes.

All the homes in Forest Lakes Country Club have been designed specifically to complement the Nova Scotia environment – so residents live within, not at odds with, the natural beauty this part of the province offers.

Living in Forest Lakes Country Club is a treat for all senses, during all seasons. The cozy winter, full of the indoor fun of swimming, laser tag at the Family Entertainment Centre, cross country skiing and ice skating on the lake easily gives way to spring in Nova Scotia – where residents of Forest Lakes experience a whole new world as their community blossoms and the wooded areas become hubs of wildlife.

Some rise early to take a short walk to the Family Centre for a workout, followed by a massage at the spa. Meanwhile, the smell of damp earth and fresh vegetation is a backdrop as children look for tadpoles in the ponds. Mom and dad watch from nearby as they all take a hike in the acres of Forest Lakes woodlands.
Elsewhere in Forest Lakes, bicycles are taken for their first post-winter rides through the community as neighbours meet to soak up the first warm days over coffee at the boathouse.

Every day in Forest Lakes is an adventure waiting to happen. Whether residents choose to live in a single-family home or a townhome – built with all the character and privacy of the later – living in FLCC means nature is at your very door, yet there is no missing out on any of the conveniences of modern life. In fact, living in this community means everything you need is in your own community – entertainment, restaurants, a spa, hotel and even an equestrian area. And all just a half hour away from the urban core of Halifax.

Summer charms in Forest Lakes include days at the lake, an invigorating game of tennis, playing a round of golf on the Nicklaus course or even canoeing. Picture a twilight gathering of neighbours – where a bonfire burns as residents gather for a feast of lobster-roll sandwiches, local craft beer or lemonade and corn on the cob grown only minutes away.