6 Gardening Trends That Will Blossom in 2018

As the warm weather approaches it is the perfect time to get your garden started and summertime ready. Whether you are interested in indoor plants or outdoor gardens, there are new trends that are on the rise for this season. Are you looking for ways to spruce up your garden? The list compiled below provides six trends in flora and fauna that are happening this year, that embrace the beauty of nature.

  1. Surround Yourself with Plants

Household plants are a rising trend, not only do they bring the lush environment inside your home, they can be a source of purifying the air. One of the most popular houseplants is the Peace Lily, not only does it portray a sense of tranquillity it also acts as an air purifier. These low-light plants will rid your air of any toxins. Creating an indoor hanging garden can brighten up your space making it feel like the tropics year-round.

  1. Upcycled Planters

Environmental sustainability is extremely important, with more people having eco-friendly mindset gardeners are reusing items they already have. There are multiple benefits of creating upcycled planters, such as eliminating clutter around your home all the while eliminating items going to the landfill. No matter your vessel of choice, turning an old item into something beautiful can be done by simply adding flowers.

  1. Grow Wildflowers

Planting flowers native to your area can result in a very beautiful low-water garden with very little maintenance. Having flowers that are already adapted to your region’s climate are perfect for gardener’s with busy lives. You can enjoy the views of the vibrant colours without hardly lifting a finger, all the while saving the bees. Lupins are one of the colourful Nova Scotian wildflower species that can be planted and grown in your garden flourishing stunning flora with little work.


  1. Embrace Alfresco

It’s time to pull out your outdoor patio furniture as this upcoming summer is the ideal time to setup your backyard entertaining space. Alfresco dining is set to be the trend of the summer, this is perfect those who lack indoor dining space when entertaining guests. Create a dedicated area that is welcoming and cozy, with outdoor cooking, eating, and entertaining spaces. Having a pergola with lighting and heating is one of the must-have garden features this year. Enjoy this backyard oasis as you relax and enjoy the laughter with your friends and family.  Did you know Forest Lakes offers maintenance-free living? This includes landscaping, patio maintenance, and so much more to create the serene backyard that you deserve.

  1. The Art of Wabi-sabi

Looking for a more hands-off approach to gardening? The Japanese-practice the art of Wabi-sabi, which is the natural cycle of growth, decay and death. The key is to choose plants that will change over time with the seasons, fulling embracing their whole lifecycle. If you are a perfectionist this style is not for you, however, if you enjoy the beauty of natural imperfections, it’s time to introduce Wabi-sabi into your life.

  1. Grow Your Own

The natural foods lifestyle is on the rise and more people are starting to produce homegrown products. Enjoy the vibrant colours and sweet smells of fruits and veggies coming from your own backyard. If space is an issue, start with growing fresh herbs in window boxes or on your balcony, and if space isn’t an issue, try growing a pumpkin patch or a strawberry field. Having all the tasty options at your fingertips for the fraction of supermarket prices is definitely a win.

It is time to dig deep and indulge in nature’s rich soil. We hope this inspires new ideas to try this summer while embracing the natural surrounding environment. Growing a garden is a great way to get involved in sustainability and live a green lifestyle.