Green Living

Green building is more than a concept at Forest Lakes Country Club. It underpins our philosophy and is incorporated into the building of every home – and indeed of our entire community. Our homes are thoughtfully created to assist their owners by reducing energy and water consumption through careful product selection, intelligent design and sustainable building practices. The result is cleaner air and a safe, efficient new home that will promote a healthy environment for you and your family and decrease the likelihood of respiratory conditions.

A Forest Lakes Country Club home is a better built home, designed and constructed to last. We empower our builders, suppliers, craftsmen and trades people to adhere to a comprehensive list of environmentally and ecologically friendly measures to create homes that are years ahead of current building code requirements.

Respecting Nature

The developers’ vision for Forest Lakes Country Club is to create a resort that is both truly global in its outlook and retains a deep respect for the local community and environment. In addition, every home and building within Forest Lakes Country Club will exceed minimum energy performance levels, which will provide owners with lower operating costs and enhanced property values.

Terra Firma Development Corporation is a member of the Canada Green Building Council and strongly promotes the advancement of energy and water-efficiency measures in its developments.